Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This is how they should make bug movies...

Shall I say - fresh approach?

There's a new Animation Podcast with Burny Mattinson out today.

Check out this gallery on Jim Hill as well to check out some conceptual stuff from Meet the Robinsons.

Oh yeah, and check out Randeep's photos from his San Diego/Cali Studio Trip. Yup, He's a bastard.

In case you didn't know, that's Glen Keane to the left and Mark Kennedy to the right of The Deep.


Luis F. Masallera 5:42 PM  

wohooo..great animation...keep posting this sort of stuff!!!

Anonymous 2:43 AM  

Very cool. But isn't this like Disney's Dinosaur, only with bugs?

Also I thought something cool was going to happen at the end but it just kind of faded out with the ladybug leading a 2nd pack of flies.

Finally: where do you keep finding this stuff?

Cookedart 4:54 PM  

Dave - Ok, Professor, whatever you say!

Robokid - thanks!

Ewen - I guess it is - I think it's just a decent change from all the bland bug movies. I agree with you about it tapering off though - but this is a television show pilot! Let's hope the stories keep getting better. I really like how it's all pantomime.

This link I found of Cartoon Brew. But there's tons of different sites to check (too many to mention!) hence my links.

Unknown 9:17 PM  

Hey Alan. Nice work keeping your thumb on the pulse of our zany subculture... industry... whatever. You had me checking back on your blog all summer.

Looking forward to see what you guys do with your third year!

See ya in a few.

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