Thursday, September 07, 2006

More Maya...

I've been playing around for the past few days with a Maya rig and compositing. Suffice to say that this is me brushing up on Maya and After Effects, both of which are giving me problems, but here's a work in progress. I figure I'd rather have this finished sooner rather than later (there were a lot of weird rendering glitches - both due in part by Maya and After Effects - as well as some animation that could use some smoothing up), but I'd just as soon rather get to doing a lipsync. I also wanted to stress-test my newish laptop and see if it was up to snuff - seems that we've both survived the ordeal.

Also, check out Eliot and Eric's latest opus, "Dog and Cat":


Phil ROD 7:22 AM  

make him walk

Anonymous 10:53 PM  

lol pretty nice al

though he reminds me of a monster from half-life with that weird.....hand


chris 12:08 AM  

nice work alan...

i hope i will be able to finish that rig sometime next semester. ill be replacing that robot hand with another regular one. and adding some better face controls.

if you get anything more further along you want to render, hit me up for the hair and shirt files. It should be able to run simulation on whatever animation you have, plus it covers up some of those nasty shoulder deformations.

Cookedart 8:33 PM  

Phil - me gonna do lipsync next.

Ewen - Thanks - haha, ya, I actually like the hand though - gives a sort of variation to the design.

Chris - Thanks man!

The rig works pretty well already! When rendering though some sort of white thing appeared on her face for a while and I had to photoshop it out frame by frame - not a big deal but a hassle nonetheless - it could most likely be my inexperience with rendering that caused the problem!

As I said, I like the hand - the face controls work well with only the mouth a little short but definetly functional.

I'd love to get the shirt and hair files for sure! Thanks so much for providing me with a great looking rig already! I gotta say it's miles better looking than Generick (the goon).

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