Wednesday, May 10, 2006


So I've been working hard on re-tooling a board that I posted earlier on. I'm drawing bigger, clearer, and hopefully better. (And I really wanted to post some actual work on here for a change!)

Here are some of the ones I've completed already. They're in no particular order right now. Also, I've completed more than this, but most of them are just hook-up shots and such. Anyways here they are:

So once I finish this I'll post the entire thing, and it's off to working on Bazo (again), and a story pitch that I'm preparing for next year.

Oh yeah, and I almost completely missed this one:

The Ralph Eggleston podcast via [Spline Doctors]. Also read The Interview.

Also, to add an addendum to my post about Storyboards for Over the Hedge yesterday, check out some of Steve Gordon's. Some nice stuff, eh?

Another update! Check out this Entertainment Weekly Article by Steve Daly on "The Man Who Could Save Animation," a.k.a. John Lasseter.

For those of you interested in videogames, make sure to check out IGN's coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Some pretty exciting stuff from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo in the works!


Mark 4:56 PM  

thanks for the comment alan... I like your layouts they are lookin pretty solid.. And of course your life drawings that you have been doing.. great style to them..

Guillaume 12:19 PM  

Hey Alan! Awesome layouts there, your style's looking pretty fun :D

I hope your return home on Monday wasn't too hardcore, going to work straight out of the train didn't seem too relaxing of a concept to me.

Cookedart 1:05 PM  

Hey Mark - Thanks - it's what I try the most in. Maybe I should practice other things....

Hey Guillaume - Thanks as well. The trip wasn't too bad- the sleep on the train was pretty good. Just that the train was more expensive (especially for Faron) than I would have liked.

I didn't know you had a blog - I will add you today!

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