Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some more stuff today...

Look forward to life drawing posted tomorrow...

In the meantime, here's some neato stuff I found out today.

Seems that our good friends at Digicel have finally ported Flipbook to the Mac OS X Operating System. This is great for all you Mac users (like me). Too bad it comes a few months late of the announcements that the new Macs with Intel Processors can run windows anyways. Oh well, it's still a good thing. Once I get home I'm gonna give it a shot.

The Tag Blog reminded me of this fact: have you guys noticed how many animated films are coming out in the next few months? Click on the poster or the link for the trailer of the movie.

Of course, there's Cars, which I gotta say again that I'm extremely excited about. It's gonna be the best movie this summer, mark my words! I also heard lately that the name for Pixar's new short film is "The Extra", just because.

Ok.. I've got to write a lot more text in this post or else the images won't wrap properly....

There's Barnyard - not too excited about this, really....

And then there's Happy Feet(which I think looks really stupid)(which Sony has prepared their defense in Surf's Up,

Monster House, which I think looks awful,

Flushed Away, which I really -want- to be good but doesn't look to promising from the trailer,

A new Garfield movie, (which I don't care about at all)

And don't forget about Open Season!, (I really love the Bear design in this movie!)

Also, I suppose you could -almost- count A Scanner Darkly. Almost.

I guess there's no point to pointing this out, I just think it's crazy that there's -this many- coming out. Here's hoping to them having this many films when we graduate!

Apparently all of these (but Scanner Darkly) are screening in front of Over the Hedge. Craziness!

By the by, I don't know about you, but I'm for sure gonna go see Cars on June 9th (two weekends from now), if anyone wants to come along just drop me a line. I definetly know there's gonna be a big group o' animation students going to see it.


Cookedart 5:30 PM  

lol.. You know I -dont- XD

Cookedart 5:34 PM  

Crikey man you totally commented just as I finished that post!

Phil ROD 3:46 AM  

Eh Look! were all here. Now all we need is Farron and then the Death Star will be completed, oh yes.
(Evil laugh, Evil laugh, Evil laugh, Evil laugh, Evil laugh, Evil laugh, Evil laugh, and some more Evil laughs

Cookedart 1:32 AM  

Phil, I've said it before, I'll say it again. You're one crazy mofo.

Btw, I have your movies. Get em.

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