Friday, May 12, 2006

Cars! Cars! Cars!

There's a new trailer for Cars out now. I'm totally psyched about this movie - I really think it's the only movie I'm looking forward to this summer.

Also, check out this post on Cartoon Brew which features interviews with John Lasseter at the French Premiere of Cars.

I can't wait 'til June 9th!

[Update] Ok so I really think you guys should see the interview, so I'll put it here. These clips are via the French website [Pixar's Room].

First Clip:

Second Clip:

[Another Update]

It looks like this is now available from, and ships in 24 hours. I'm definetly gonna pick it up as soon as I can.


Andrew Chan 6:43 AM  

wow.. you've been posting alot of neat and inspiring news!! thanks!

Cookedart 12:57 AM  

No problem :)

Glad you like it.

I should really get more art up though...

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