Friday, May 19, 2006

News for the day...

I'll be go for most of the day today (if not the whole day), so I just thought I'd post some more stuff I saw right now...

I'll confess I'm not too psyched about this one (but I LOVE, Love, love love Aardman!), but a trailer finally went up for the new Aardman/Dreamworks film Flushed Away. I guess the first thing that I really notice is that the quality of the CG reminds me of the Toy Story era. Or it could just be "a style."

Oh yeah, and the one other thing that I noticed was that The Tale of the Despereaux, an animated flick picked up by Universal, is no longer under the helm of Triplette's director Sylvain Chomet. Instead, Mike Johnson, co-director of Corpse Bride, fills in. According to Animated News, Sylvain left "to work on a more personal project based on an unproduced screenplay by the French master comic Jacques Tati (Mr Hulot's Holiday)." Remember Piotr Bielicki showing Mr. Hulot (the question is asked to you second year Sheridan peeps who had him)? Anyways, the project sounds good to me.

[Update!] Two more things before I go to bed, haha.

I'm sure most of you know about Animation If you don't, make sure to check out the Model Sheets section. Although it's not all model sheets (some pre-production artwork, boards, etc), it's still a pretty cool resource.

Also, make sure to check out the "Sample Disney Portfolio" page.


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