Sunday, May 14, 2006

So He finally decides to post some art....


Some artwork!

So there's 10 images here. Click on them and make sure to turn image resizing off, because the images are really large vertically (so you'll have to do some scrolling). There's 6 boards on each on of the 10 links (so 60 panels total).

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

I've been working hard lately on this. Tell me what you think!


Halya 7:58 PM  

You suck!

I lied.

Emily How 10:09 PM  

Beautiful boards! Love the composition and dramatic angles of all of the shots.

Guillaume 6:23 PM  

Those are some pretty dang nice boards there, solid drawings and good flow overall... I'd like to see the whole thing as a leicca reel.

I think the bad guy at the end could look more menacing in design though. Right now he seems to me like a good old scottish guy with gentle eyes and a sincere smile. I'd pump up his nasty/slimy scale a couple notches :B

Cookedart 12:57 AM  

Thanks for all the kind comments!(nay from Halya. Your -mom- sucks :)

I totally see what you mean!

Ya I shot a rough leica of it to make sure it worked well cinematically as per Piotr's advice. It worked reasonably well I think (could always be better!)

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