Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cartoon Network?

Is everyone aware of this?

Cartoon Brew posts about how the Cartoon Network has apparently begun to air shows such as saved by the bell, and live action movies. Some former Cartoon Network employees talk about this here.


S. Stephani Soejono 10:32 AM  

Sadly, I knew about this for some time. What I wonder is, why not just syndicate old cartoons like they do with live sit-coms. Whaddaya think Alan?

brockorama 6:29 PM  

Because they want to change their all-cartoon 24hr business model altogether. And they already syndicate most of their older cartoons on its sister network, "Boomerang". Alarm bells should have been ringing when CN started having live action host segments between cartoons a-la Nickelodeon. Be thankful this isn't happening on Canada's teletoon, but I wouldn't rule that out either.

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