Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ratatouille Trailer!

Check out this badass screencap that I made:

Here's a French teaser trailer for Ratatouille, Pixar's next film.

Thanks to Mark Mayerson for pointing out this little gem.

[update] It seems that 'at the request of the distributor, the trailer has been pulled.' Here are two more screen grabs for the curious folk:

Unfortunately I didn't save the file! I'll dig around and see if it was posted anywhere else.

[Update 2]

Here it is on YouTube. Watch it before it gets taken down!

Here are some more caps that I found whilst searching for the trailer:

I still love my screencap.

[Update 3] The video off YouTube no longer works. Sorry kids.

[Update 4]

Here it is, yet again! Sorry, for some reason I couldn't embed it right into my blog.

Here's a translation from Aint It Cool News:


And tonight before dessert, for your enjoyment, we introduce the cheese plate. We have this delicious goat cheese bell, real lite, real sweet. Then, an ewe that will satisfy you with its generous perfume. But, last but not least, a real very and very special...

--It’s a rat!


- And there I am. I think I have to reconsider my life. There’s nothing I can do, it’s beyond my control - I love good food, ok? And good food is very hard to find for a rat.

-- You would find it if you weren’t so demanding.

- I don’t want to eat in dustbins, Dad... --What’s that?

- I have no idea.

- You have no idea, but you eat it anyway, don’t you?

- You know, if you can close the exit after you throw up, you have a whole lot of possibilities for food.

- VoilĂ ! That’s exactly what I meant.

(Over the movie title) Nothing of this would have happened I we lived in Paris! It’s sooo easy to find good food in Paris! But... it’s dangerous. [un-freeze].

- You have to reconsider your life!

- You know, he’s right!

- Dad, that’s enough!


The title says : Dinner will be served... summer 2007.

[Update 5]

As pointed out in the comments,

You can download the original .mov trailer (still in french) from here:

(Click on 'Download now')


(click 'Free' then wait untill the counter gets to zero)

Or you could just wait until Cars comes out to see the english version. But who can really wait for that?


Anonymous 7:08 AM  

actually you can still get it right now, as someone uploaded it to and

try these:
(click 'Download now')
(click 'Free' then wait untill the counter gets to zero)


Cookedart 9:38 PM  

Thanks Adeline - Yours is quite... technical... I ought to look through it more thoroughly sometime...

MrBlake - Thanks for posting that -I definetly should have downloaded it before!

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