Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So ya, here's some stuff:

Looks like Laika's Coraline got picked up by Focus Features today, announced at the Cannes film festival. Laika's site claims that Coraline is in the early stages of production. Here's a synopsis of the story from Laika's website:

"Coraline Jones is 11 years old. She's smart, curios, and very, very bored. Her new home in Ashland holds seven boring rooms, thirteen boring windows, two boring parents, three eccentric neighbors.. and one very interesting door.

In her dreams, Coraline passes through that doorway and discovers an astounding universe on the other side. It's a fantasy land of delicious food, wild circuses, fantastic gardens and musical mice. It's ruled by a better, kinder mother and father, who always have time for her and who never say no. It's a world that loves her and makes her laughs and gives her wahtever she wants, whenever she wants it. But as the dream overtakes reality, Coraline realizes there's a catch: this world wants something in return..."

There's this interview with Bonnie Hunt, the voice of Sally the Porsche.

Just a reminder that Over the Hedge comes out this weekend. A report from Cannes seems to show that people are liking it. And if you're interested, there's this interview with the girl who played the skunk, Wanda Sykes via [Jim Hill Media].

Speaking of Jim Hill, there's this nifty Wouldn't it be cool page postulating what Disney should be doing now. I agree with many of the points.

This last thing's about Anime North, a convention in the Toronto Congress Center on May 26-28. Quite a few of my friends (here, here, here) are heading to there with prints in hand to sell. It's gonna be good, methinks. Check it out if you have the time!


S. Stephani Soejono 6:51 PM  

Alan, try reading Coraline, it's really creepy. The book was a lot like Alice in Wonderland in mental hospital. It's a really good book. (hopefully it's gonna be a good movie too)

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