Saturday, May 20, 2006

My new-fangled Totoro bank...

Does anyone else find this picture funny?

Yes, the money goes in the mouth.


Letz 12:51 AM  

Omggg... <333333333333333333333333333... that is such a girly toy btw alan

S. Stephani Soejono 11:42 AM  


Wants it!

Sub 4:46 PM  

that is funny, but better be careful i'll sneak into your Apt and steal it with the money in it.

Cooked Art 7:45 PM  

Lettie - It is totally not! Guys need piggy banks too! And I got it from Pacific Mall too - Did you know that? I'm asian after all.

Sub - Oh I will. Remember, I have your voodoo doll.

Sarah 5:19 AM  


Best find ever. He looks like he'd chew off your hand in a friendly feral way as you tried to drop money in.


Letz 11:13 PM  

hahaha really? so ur more asian than me afterall =P (which store. how much?)

Cooked Art 11:43 PM  

Sarah - Totally. It's really wicked! I also got this cheaper Totoro toy that doesn't fall over no matter how you push it. It's badass too.

Lettie - I don't remember the name - a few stores sold the same Totoro stuff and I bought it at the last one that I saw so i didn't really remember the name. It was 12 bucks.

And no, I didn't enjoy being at the pacific mall, if you have to know.

Letz 5:26 PM  

haha pacific mall isnt for chinese ppl ne more. there are so much brown and white and black ppl now! lol so u will fit in

Cooked Art 12:53 AM  

Apparently so. That's fine with me - I don't like the mall anyways :) (I probably won't be going by any time soon, that's for sure).

Jurffy 9:03 PM  

Lol i've had this for a long time, i got it from pmall too. near the side of the mall with no doors.

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