Sunday, May 28, 2006

Alex Toth

Alex Toth, renowned comic artist and designer, and Hanna Barbera story artist on Jonny Quest, Superfriends, and Space Ghosts, passed away today, literally on his drawing table. I could've sworn I remembered Piotr Bielicki mention his name, but I can't be sure...

Anyways, if you aren't really aware of his work, swing by this Alex Toth fansite. You'll be sure to find some of his best work. I believe he once criticised newer comic artist of a lack of story substance: "It could be comics if those who know how to paint also knew how to tell a story! Who knew what pacing was, and didn't just jam a lot of pretty pictures together into a page, pages, and call it a story, continuity! It ain't!"

Anyways, worth a look on his stuff for pete's sake. I mean, he was the type of guy that hated kids for not knowing more about their predecessors. So get educated!


S. Stephani Soejono 9:13 PM  

Yeah, he and Jim mentioned Alex Toth.

Andre Barnwell 6:35 AM  

WOW! AN AN ARTIST TIL THE BITTER END! he will be missed and loved forever though. Thanks for the info Alan I never knew who did those wicked designs for Johnny Quest and that was one of my fav shows grown up.

Unknown 5:36 AM  

he'll be missed

Cookedart 8:43 PM  

Steph - I didn't remember Jim mentioning him - you're right!

Not a problem Andre - Guess I'll be seeing you around soon, eh?

Hey Bobby - how are things goin? Creature Sketches looks awesome - I gotta get a copy from you next time I see you.

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