Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Over the Hedge Boards and Stuff

Check this little gem out. Some pre-production design work and storyboards from the upcoming movie "Over the Hedge" by Dreamworks. There's a particularly cool drawing by Nicolas Marlet at the end of the Design Slideshow. Via the [Insert Name Here] blog.

Two things I forgot to mention:

One, there's been some hubbub around the net about how Dreamworks/PDI may eventually be bought out. Pure speculation, but with Pixar being owned by a larger company, it seems more and more likely that PDI (and Aardman) will as well.

The other thing I forgot to mention was this, via [ASIFA's Animation Archive]. It's the original edition if Preston Blair's book on Cartoon Animation, and has quite a bit that is not in the edition you can buy nowadays. Part One Here and Part Two here.

Now if only someone would scan a copy of this book then I'd be set.


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