Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kennedy does it again...

One of my favorite blogs is still Mark Kennedy's.


His last three posts with Glen Keane notes should be good enough to convince you!

First off are his hand-written animation notes:

And (although less applicable but still interesting to see from a research standpoint) are his notes on eagles:

Though I'm not much of an animator myself, I always get the feeling that whenever I hear an interview from Andreas Deja or Glen Keane, they always seem like they're trying to live up to the Nine Old Men, namely Frank and Ollie and Milt Kahl. My personal feeling is that these guys have taken it every bit as far but I personally find that James Baxter and Glen Keane's stuff is every big as good as Milt Kahl's and Frank Thomas'. Yes, the Nine Old Men innovated the medium, but personally, comparing the quality of their animation, it's getting really quite close (I personally prefer some of the more caricatured movement than the highly realistic movement in some of the early Disney films for the human characters - Compare any of the Princes to Tarzan and tell me that Glen Keane hasn't lived up to the Nine Old Men) Maybe it's just because I grew up watching Glen's animation, and these guys grew up watching Milt's.

Anyways, I'd like to see notes from any one of these guys!


Halya 5:00 PM  

Don't you ever post any of your stuff? ;)

Cookedart 6:05 PM  

When I do something worth posting :P

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