Saturday, December 16, 2006

For the portfolio...

Some of my undoubtedly interesting normal life drawing.


Jarrett 9:29 AM  

Looking nice, Alan! It's a change from the more rendered work for sure!

Cookedart 10:23 AM  

Thanks Jarrett - I find this style really typical though so I don't usually draw like this.

Jarrett 11:19 AM  

That means I draw very typically! Oh, it's on now. j/k haha.

Cookedart 12:56 PM  

Haha, no, you don't - but I certainly do sometimes!

she-rah 12:42 AM  

i'd have to agree with jarrett..i think this is definately an improvement...and although i've seen it, it just works better..i think if you keep working at it, you'll eventually be able to make it your own. I still can't believe how drastically you've improved from first year. It just goes to show that hard work pays off! Keep it up!

nickwatson 5:57 AM  

strong stuff ...keep it up

Cookedart 11:52 PM  

Thanks Shiera, Nick.

I hope to improve more in this year and the next than I did in first and second year. I'm sure that'll take a heckuva lot of life drawing!

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