Monday, December 18, 2006


From The Line Production's Babushki.


chris chua 8:27 AM  

wow...absolutely beautiful linework and pose! is this for a short film or just for fun??

Dan 10:05 AM  

great shapes man. great pose too. gorgeous stuff!

she-rah 6:27 PM  

luba? what I thought you were working on the toothfairy...or maybe my vision has just gotten worse

Cookedart 10:39 PM  

Thanks Chris - This is a character from a group film that I'm not working on. I was just chilling with one of the group members while he was doing the expression sheet for the character so I thought I oughta throw together my own take.

Thanks crylic - glad you like it!

Shiera - haha, no, that really is Dan in your group. I just drew this for fun. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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