Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pencil Test Bonanza

A Milt Kahl Scene from The Rescuers:

Another Kahl scene from The Jungle Book:

Uploaded by cartooncolin

The rest can be found on this page but I'll link directly to the animation in this post.

Marc Davis' Cruella De Ville

Glen Keane's Fagan

Milt Kahl's Fairy Godmother

Glen Keane's Ratigan

Milt Kahl's Soccer Lion

Ollie Johnston's Kaa

Thank to Victor Navone for spreading the word.


Sub 9:50 PM  

milt kahl should've never died

Anonymous 10:24 PM  

thanks alan its a great treasure

thanks a lot

Jarrett 2:35 PM  

Wow, his work is infinitely humbling! Great post, Alan, and top notch work yourself!

You Win 11:08 PM  

I wanna scrub these :(

ysengrin 3:14 AM  

Thank you so much!

Cookedart 1:23 AM  

Arzu, Hrishikesh, Nico - No problem at all - I found these all super inspiring and I hope that it'll inspire you guys to do some awesome stuff too!

Sub - haha, I agree - gotta love the way you put it.

Jarrett - Thanks man - I definetly gotta feel a little self-conscious about having those linetests three inches away from my own stuff though...

Ewen - there are quite a few services that let you download the .flv files stored. Finding a program to scrub them is another story - I've found a mac quicktime plugin to play .flvs - don't know if there's a windows solution but that would be the best way that I've found.

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