Friday, December 01, 2006


Today I made things too dark I think.


Chanp 1:44 AM  

cool style, nice gestures, actually i like the strong black/red contrast..kinda gives it a sin city-style feeling. good stuff as usual

Melanie 8:45 AM  

Haven't stopped by in a while, I like what you're doing with your lifedrawings, I second the Sin City comment(read 'A Dame to Kill For', good story and has some crazygood panels...)
I also love what happened to your film, looks like it'll be a blast!

Daniel Chou 4:17 AM  

good stuff as usual alan but watch your distortion. On a lot of your recent exploration stuff you seem to draw them with broken bones. Keep up the good grind nevertheless!

Cookedart 1:27 AM  

Hey Peter - thanks much. Glad you like it nonetheless!

Hey Mel - I've definetly read it - I wasn't exactly thinking of Frank Miller but I can see kinda what you guys are talking about.

Hope you liked our leica - I definetly liked yours!

Hey Dan - I definetly have been focusing more on appeal than structure. I totally know where you're coming from but sometimes it's just easier to create interesting shapes when you're not always tongue-tied to structure. Not to mention more liberating!

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