Sunday, December 17, 2006

A mayanimation..

Still needs some more tweaking..


Mark Mayerson 6:12 PM  

Watch the eye direction, Alan. It looks like the soldier is talking to the other soldier's helmet.

h__z 8:47 PM  

pretty nice, dude. i'm gonna need to ask doug if i can use the model for my film, hehe.

try to avoid floatyness (like the soldier's right arm right after he says "come on, you big ape), you should almost never have keyframes that far apart on a character. anyway, i could say more, but im not sure if you're after crits, hehe.

Cookedart 10:33 PM  

Hey Mark - Ya - you're totally right, haha. I guess I accidently shifted the entire eye focus node to look too far up or something. I'll check it out and make sure to fix that.

Johannes - Thanks for the tips - I'm definetly looking for feedback and I'll definetly do something with that arm - I guess I just didn't want it stationary. Thanks again!

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