Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spline Doctors!

I'm sure you guys know about Spline Doctors, no? It's the correspondance course from professional animators. Anyways, they've posted up some of their work lately on the Spline Doctors Blog. Check it out!

Level One:
Chris Turner
Carlos Jay
Joon Yang
Venece Lyman

Level Two
KC Roeyer
Chiwook Han
Tun Veerapatra
AtSushi Kojima
Aaron Koressel
David Fong
Rini Sugianto
Al Cimino

And Level Three.

A few more things: Apparently the MoMa is putting together a large film list and screening of Calarts alumni's student films.

Do any of you like Cartoon Brew? They're looking for guest brewers now!

Plan ahead everyone! This year is the Ottawa International Animation Festival's 30th anniversary, so make sure to drop by on Sept 20-24. Especially you upper year students looking for film inspirations - it's a veritable smorgasboard of diverse films! I'd go for the animapass if you're a student - $170 for the whole festival! Skip some school for this - It's worth it.

Oh yeah, and I'm unemployed as of today. Boo.


Lettie Lo 8:20 PM  

aw... what happened? i was goign to ask u how's work going. ... hope umm things will work out either way =D

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