Sunday, May 28, 2006

Frank Thomas, John Lasseter, and a little Hans Bacher.

(The drawing to the left is a self portrait by Frank Thomas. Just gotta make sure of that.) (P.S. Thanks to Jeff Massie for clearing up the confusion)

Steve Hulett has an amusing account of the self-deprecating and critical Frank Thomas. It's worth a read. Come to think of it, so is his book. I've got to read through it more throughly.

Cartoon Brew pointed this one out. It's yet another interview with John Lasseter. Gotta love quotes like ""I don't believe that an animation studio should be an executive-driven studio" and ""We'll still definitely be doing some hand-drawn animated films at Disney, without question." Hoo-ah!

Last but not least, Hans Bacher, production design head on Mulan, has posted a preview of his book on Production Design in Animation. The pages look a heckuva lot like the Mulan Style Guide.

Oh yeah, and this one almost slipped by. It's the new trailer for Nickolodeon's Barnyard.


Seo Kim 11:33 AM  

Great John Lasseter article... thats really great and a relief to hear about the traditional animation. yay :)

Sarah 7:06 PM  

Wow, John Lasseter is insane looking.
I mean that in a good way.

Cookedart 8:46 PM  

Jeff - Thanks, I'll be sure to fix that in the post.

Madamegaston - Isn't it, though?

Sarah - so are jooO! haha. I didn't know you liked the Inner Game of Tennis. And Tenenbaums. And Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Yes I'm reading your profile..... boobies?

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