Monday, May 22, 2006


Boy, be careful if you skip a day when you normally post every day, else you'll have Sarah Hermanutz on your case and tell you that she'll harm your children even if they don't yet exist and fart in your general direction, and then extorts illegal information out of you. Ok, I'm making this up, but I do feel the obligation to post both from myself and from others (I'm looking at you, Sarah XD)

Err... for the first time... in like, 80 years or something.. Goodyear blimps changed their blimps to read Lightyear because of the Lightyear tires reference in Cars.

And.. uh.. check out... these! (via the Luxo blog):

Come on, they're badass! They even molded the mouths properly! I wonder if you could (or more importantly, if I could) drive one of these? I bet a Lightning McQueen could take a rice rocket any day.

Hrm.. what else...

Check out this accusation pointed towards Pixar being sexist towards women because of the fact that they don't have leading ladies in their films and stuff.

Here's a badass quote:

"The two big reasons for the dearth of females in G-rated films are that a lot of the source material (childrens’ books, fairly tales) feature male protagonists, and more importantly, a number of very well-made childrens’ films featuring female protagonists underperformed at the box office (A Little Princess, Matilda, Because of Winn-Dixie…), leading a lot of executives to believe that boys won’t watch films with female protagonists."

Sounds almost as good as the argument that you can't make a succesful 2D animated feature film anymore because it's impossible to make one with a good story. Go Feminism!

P.S. I put out a pre-emptive apology to Sarah. I was only kidding. Geez. I mean, you got a link and everything because of that schpiel. Hehe.

P.P.S That's a great way for all you bloggers to get more hits - make fun of the people you know are regularly going to your blog. That ought to get your popularity soaring!

P.P.P.S The first time I knew you could make a post script further than one 'P.S' was when I first read Lord of the Rings in grade school. I thought it was nifty then, and I think it's nifty now.

P.P.P.P.S I saw Kiki's Delivery Service for the first time today. I really, really, really liked it. Go Miyazaki-San!


Lettie Lo 11:21 PM  

the art book's awesome too!

Cookedart 11:44 PM  

Lettie - Ya totally. I really like the color script.

*wonders what Sarah will say about this post*

Mitchel Kennedy 4:00 PM  

Hey, don't forget about the Little Golden Book too!

Cookedart 12:54 AM  

Ya, that's really nice as well. Totally modern styling on it!

Sarah 7:53 PM  

ok, better late then never...

So... HEY! ... uh... oh I'm too sleepy to think of a witty retort... mmm, but I'll definately to fry you tomorrow...!

Wow, was is that even coherent? Man I need sleep.... :D

Cookedart 6:26 PM  

Aww man, I was totally expecting more than that!

Boo to you Sarah!

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