Monday, May 01, 2006

More snooping around....

Have you guys checked out This Blog? It's all about breaking down animated shorts into the animators who did them and their techniques. Here's one of the videos on the blog:

This next blog comes Mark Mayerson approved:

Mark Kennedy has been posting all sorts of cool stuff about appeal, line of action, etc, etc. Make sure to regularly check back on his blog.

There's also Jenny Lerew who posts on all sorts of non-applicable things like What do story artists do? and that useless thing called Story Pitching. Be sure to check it out.


No real news or art today. Just plugs.

If I see anything around I'll update this post.


Jenny Lerew 10:11 AM  

Ha! Caught you! ; D Only, the name is LEREW, not Larue, mister(I've had to suffer through that all my long life, so you're not the first)! And thanks for the plug...I think? ; )

Hey, I can blog about appeal as well as ol' Kennedy....say, that's a good idea.
btw I dig your blog. May I add it to my own roster? I don't know how I've missed it before, but you seem like a cool guy and if Mark Mayerson links so, so will I. Cheers!

Cookedart 11:39 AM  


See, the confusion would really just not be there if you'd post your last name on your profile ;P

Hehe, yes, I was being sarcastic. Your posts are pretty awesome.

Of course you can add me. I'd be delighted.

Thanks for coming by, Jenny Lerew ^_^

Cookedart 2:09 PM  


I just noticed on the top of your blog that you do have your name.

Ummm.. whoops?

Haha, well, I've fixed it in this post and on my links.



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