Friday, June 30, 2006

Annecy, Ken Harris, and a little bit about boarding.

The Annecy film festival ended not too long ago, with the award winners comin up here for those of you who wanted to know. Sub mentioned something to me about Renaissance, the winner of the best feature film this year. Cartoon Brew posts some links to some of the available shorts:


Tragic History with A Happy End.



Also, check out this cool site dedicated to master animator Ken Harris.

And last but not least please check out Mark Kennedy's post on staging. This really hit home with me as I'm working out some boards right now and it definetly has tons of insightful tips within. Check it!


Andrew Chan 10:13 PM  

hey cook! just wanted to let you know that your blog readers can download the clips you uploaded onto youtube with a site called,

i use total converter to convert the FLV file to avi and ipod format but i read that Videolan is suppose to be able to play FLV files but i haven't tried myself

Cookedart 3:07 PM  

Good to know!

Thanks for the tip!

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