Monday, June 12, 2006

Cars Box Office Earnings

Cars pulled in 62.8 Million Dollars this weekend according to Box Office Mojo.

How does that fare against other animated films' opening weekends? Shrek 2 pulled in 108 Million, The Incredibles got 70.4, Finding Nemo got 70.2, Ice Age 2 got 68 million, making Cars having the 5th highest opening for an animated film.

That means it also got ahead of Monsters Inc (62.5 Million), Toy Story 2 (57.3 Million), A Bug's Life (33.2 Million) and Toy Story (29.1 Million) to make it the third highest opening for a Pixar film.

Want to see the list of the top 23 highest weekend openings? Check here.

And in more number soup - I finally hit 15,000 hits today. Thanks so much to all you guys who keep coming back!

I don't see nearly enough interviews from Ed Catmull, co-Founder of Pixar (and now President of Walt Disney Feature Animation). Make sure to check it out!

You've got to check out this quote:

"Disney has had two major heydays," (Ed) Catmull said, referring to animation's two golden eras — the first beginning in the late 1930s, the second in the 1990s. "We're going to make a third."


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