Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More inspirational stuff...

[Cartoon Brew] pointed me towards John Lasseter's student film, The Lady and the Lamp. Check it!

Mark Kennedy posts some Milt Kahl drawings to his blog. Just to put us in our place.

Charlie was showing me some stuff from Filmax, and they've got some pretty wicked things goin' on! First up is the short they've been working on for some time now, Nocturna. Make sure to check out some of the stills on that page! Also, check out the trailer here.

Also check out the El Cid the Legend. Bad dubbing but some pretty nice lookin' stuff! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Carlos Ruano (linked at right as well) is working on this in some capacity.

Make sure to stop by Arglebargle's blog. He has posted up some scans from an old Ken Hultgren book, The know-how of cartooning.

AWN has posted three pages development artwork for The Little Matchgirl, the Disney short screened at the Annecy Animation Festival this year. The drawing to the left is by Hans Bacher.

I think that's enough to take in for today! Check back later for some life drawing if I do anything good today. Kind self-conscious about having my crappy drawings two inches away from Milt Kahl's on this page though, haha....

Oh yeah, one more thing, I'm working on several story ideas and an animation right now. When I get some art together for the stories (and finish the animation) I'll post 'em up. For now it'll be mostly news and life drawing though. And maybe the occasional layout, which I wanna get back into (I'm working on one right now as we... speak? As I dictate and you read?) Anyways...


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