Monday, June 19, 2006

Studio A.K.A, Nagi Noda, and More.

Trevor was showing me some stuff from Studio AKA today. Really nifty! A big range in styles.

Make sure to check out their spot, The Big Win.

Also check out Jojo in the Stars.

Here's a commercial for Coca Cola featuring a song by Jack White and directed by Nagi Noda. I saw this featured in the June issue of Boards magazine.

[Cartoon Brew] posts a little ditty about Hans Bacher today. The more interesting part of the post (to me) is the inclusion of this little clip, from "The Little Matchgirl", a 2D animated short from Disney submitted at the Annecy Film Festival this year. Apparently many who saw it at Annecy say that it's no good, but it's got some pretty nice character animation in it from what I can tell.

Also I found this forum for the Calarts Character Animation program. Check it!


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