Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dream on Silly Dreamer

My mistake!

I accidently said the Dream on Silly Dreamer screening and panel discussion was on Friday. It's on today, 7pm at 2 Sussex Ave, Toronto. Call them at 416-433-7889.

This is the perfect chance to catch this documentary. Recommend viewing for sure!


S.T. Lewis 1:29 PM  

Cool blog... you have some really nice figure drawings and stuff. Lots of talent - keep it up.

I hadn't seen the trailer for "Ratatouille" yet, so I was happy to find that on here. I hope to see an English version of it tomorrow before "Cars."

"Dream On Silly Dreamer" is on DVD... I had to buy it online so I could finally see it. Now we just wait for Lasseter to bring back 2D and make that movie a lot less sad.

Cookedart 9:22 PM  


Yes, I have the documentary on DVD as well. I attended the screening mainly to see the Panel that they had set up. It was pretty nifty.

Glad to see you come by! You've got a pretty cool blog yourself.

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