Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cars Toys at Mcdonalds

I unfortunately had to eat at Mcdonalds today but noticed that they had Cars toys there!

I also got a free cars poster (see the image on the last post - it's basically that with a little strip about happy meals at the bottom that can easily be cropped off).

They have toys for: Doc Hudson, Fillmore, Flo, Lightning McQueen, Luigi, Mater, Ramone, and Sally. Unfortunately they don't have one for my favorite character, Guido. Anyways there's like 2 bucks or something and so-so quality (they have too many stickers on them - making literally the entire top of lightning's surface one giant, low resolution sticker image. Cheesy!), but check em out if you're into that sort of thing.

I think Lightning and Mater are on sale now. The Mater one is actually pretty nice, all things considered.

Check out images of the rest here.

Another thing to check out is this really cool post on the inspirations for Cars via Route 66 News. I was trying to figure out one of the background elements that they used and found out from this post about this 'monument' that is clearly the inspiration for some of the rock structures. Pretty cool!

The 'real' (a.k.a English) Ratatouille teaser trailer can be found here. I think the news has gone around on this one already but I thought I'd still pass it along. The trailer looks amazing on the silver screen!

Like Curse of Monkey Island and Dragon's Lair? Cartoon Brew posts about a new 'filmgame' has popped up that looks pretty great!


Seo Kim 3:31 PM  

I am gona have happy meals for the next two weeks...

Seo Kim 3:37 PM  

oh wait.. actually they are kinda ugly now that I see the big images... gee they could have gotten the colours more accurate... and more detail would be nice... oh well, what can you expect from McDonals :S

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