Thursday, June 01, 2006

Nicolas Marlet?

How many of you know of a designer by the name of Nicolas Marlet?

The only times I've seen his work is in the Monster's Inc book and the image to the left, from Over the Hedge, and I love it. I tried Googling his name, and a image search which yielded even less results. Does he have a site? If so, where is it? Does he have a book? If so, where can I buy it?

Any info would be great.


It has come to my attention that a lot of people googling Nico end up at this post. I recommend checking out This Post on Variety for a small gallery of his work, as well as the Kung Fu Panda and Bee Movie books (and undoubtedly the How to Train your Dragon Book) for more of his work.


Phil ROD 2:53 AM  

It look like a Robin Joseph drawing.

Anonymous 4:58 AM  

I had a quick search on blogger for nicolas marlet - the first page of links contains posts by people who know him generally bemoaning the fact that he's too shy to post his stuff online...

Andre Barnwell 12:58 PM  


Lets make it happen this summer... :-)

Cookedart 6:31 PM  

Phil - ya, I believe he's one of Robin's inspirations.

Kate - Good to know! I wish I could find more of his stuff....

Andre - definetly! I'll be seeing you around for sure!

.angi. 5:14 PM  

Hello! well, i am a digital aniamtion student, and today i "discovered" nocolas marlet's stunning art, and the onlything iu can help you with is the mosnter[s inc art book "the art of monster's inc." aand also teh book of over the hedge...if you find out about a site please tell me!!!
my blog

Yash 6:32 PM  

I was looking up art of kung du panda and found out that those character designs are done by nicolas marlet too.

Cookedart 8:39 PM  

Yes Yash - I would buy an art of Kung Fu panda book in a second because of this.

I got to see some of his real drawings. Absolutely stunning.

Amin 3:27 PM  

cool i love your work

gretting from a france

Paul Lasaine 7:35 AM  

I work with Nicolas...or Nico as his friends call him. Quite the genius!!! One of the most gifted Characters (and animators) I've ever met. He's pretty much the lead character designer at DreamWorks at the moment. He's worked on almost every project that's been done there, to a greater or lesser degree. But his crowning glory to date is Kung Fu Panda. The art of book is more like his portfolio :) Keep an eye out for The Art of "DRAGONS" (still in production). That's what he's been working on since Panda.

lululapeste 12:51 AM  

Nicolas Marlet designed the characters for the short film animation "frensh roast", it looks great!!really. You can watch the trailer on youtube.
His graphic style fits perfectly with the story and with the atmosphere.

Mario 10:37 AM  

Got his sketchbook and meet Nicolas at Dreamworks yesterday!

K U Z E H 5:58 AM  

this is where you can buy the sketch book:

Emily J Greenfield 10:48 PM  

Hi! I have been enjoying your YouTube posts for a while now but just recently stumbled upon your blog as I googled Marlet.

I found another blog post with a ton of hi-res images of his Kung Fu Panda and HTTYD art:


pigaA.BOO 2:32 AM


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