Thursday, June 01, 2006

More drawings, etc.

Two drawings from TSA today.
The second was a 15 minute drawing, I believe.

Hey, here's some more behind-the-scenes stuff on Over The Hedge. The mute button doesn't work well enough, I'm afraid.

Annecy 2006 is coming up soon! To me the coolest part about that is that the new Gobelins shorts will be up on the net soon enough.

Looks like Framestore CFC is opening up a feature animation division, to work on Tale of the Despereaux, the Sylvain Chomet film. Framestore's stuff is pretty cool, I recommend seeking it out. Check out this commercial for sure. Click on "Quicktime and Credits" to view the commercial - they should definetly teach whoever did the effects on Xmen: The Last Stand how to make Juggernaut run through walls - seriously, check out the trailer - and frame by frame the part with Kitty running by the screen with Juggernaut in pursuit - what's with the transparent line still there even after the wall is supposedly broken? Weird stuff... Oh yeah, if you liked that commercial check out the rest of the "classic commercials" for more Framestore delight.


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