Friday, June 09, 2006

So I Finally Saw Cars...

And lo, I enjoyed it a lot!

For one, It definetly feels like a change of pace from the Incredibles - the slam-bang action adventure superhero movie changing gears to the movie about a rural community whose largest action scenes take place on a racing strip.

It's definetly slow-paced. I never personally found it boring, but I did find it surprising because I felt that children might not have the attention spans for it.

Also, I believe it started out pretty badly, I never really got into it until the story really got kicking. In contrast, the beginning scenes of Finding Nemo and the Incredibles (which I watched just prior to seeing this) were really engaging from the get-go. Pixar decided to play the beginning like a Nascar television cast and it only works so-so well for me.

When the story does get going, I think it's the usual Pixar magic with great sequence after great sequence.

The argument about talking cars being unappealing or just plain weird is completely lost on me. I never really have particularly liked automobiles, but I don't really hate them either. Either way, I found the characters appealing and interesting in the movie, and as usual, forgot that they were talking cars with big googly-eyes. It did take a second to get used to the tongues, though.

One Man Band was a fun short, not Pixar's best in my opinion, but it was definetly an amusing concept for a film.

I would definetly go see it again, and definetly recommend someone to see it. I can understand people finding the film underwhelming especially considering the relative crescendo of action and fast-pacing that Pixar films have been gaining in their library, but most importantly, it definetly has a great spot alongside Pixar's fabulous films. I definetly think it's a better film than A Bug's Life (my least favorite Pixar film)!

Would love to hear your opinions too if you've seen the movie.


Halya 1:20 PM  

Haven't seen it YET, but I've read that it just wasn't as good as all the others, and that you really felt nothing for any of the characters.

Cookedart 2:57 PM  

I felt nothing for your mom!


Seo Kim 6:07 PM  

*points to my comment on your last post*

I agree with everything you said, except that I didn't find the beginning bad. I dono, I totally fell in love with the movie even before I saw it and when I walked in I was counting on it to be good so badly that I completely threw away that critical part of my brain... I just HAD to enjoy it.. and I did. i wasn't ecscatic and raving about it afterwards but I think thats only because I raved myself out over the past 3 weeks.. :/ anyways I'm buying it soon as it comes out.. gotta watch it without all those crying babies in the theatre

kelly erwin 7:00 PM  

The begnining was weak, and I didn't like it cause it felt like just a car movie.
But the parts that started to draw me in was when you noticed that the world was compleately cars. I think that was when I finally started to come into the movie. And also mater was an amazing character.
I think in a way I liked this almost better than the incredibles, because I felt the ending was weak in that movie. where as this one had a nice pay off.
anyways, I don't really no what else to say that won't ultimately spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it.

clifford chiu 1:09 PM  

i liked it; i went in with TONS of anticipation, which, i admit was watered down a bit after seeing the movie's RT score, but i wasn't disappoined.

its weakness i think is that it's not quite as funny as previous pixar films. the story is super predictable too, but it is rendered very nicely.

if you see it, stay until after the credits!


Jeremy Canton 11:12 PM  

I've been checking out this blog here almost daily.. its a nice quick way to get news :D

I saw it today and like other people have said, it wasn't as awesome as other pixar films. The animation and overall look of it was, needless to say, outstanding. But the story wasnt that engaging and there were a couple of parts in the middle where I was actually resting my head on my knuckles.

My main issue with it was the predictable unfolding of events (which I thought Pixar was so good at deviating from to make their movies truely original).

J 11:44 AM  

Hey Alan,
I believe the opening of the film, in the way it was structured and the use of visual language and production design was to really sell the artificality of the world he lives in, and his aspirations for his place in that world.My thinking was that it was purposefully built that way to keep the audience at arms length, so that when we hit radiator springs it really FEELS like a tangible shift. I think they did a phenomenal job of using the structure of the film to mimic what lighting is dealing with. So we as the audience, also by way of the actual filmmaking, shot to shot, get a heightened sense of what he is feeling. So to me setting the race world up that way was a very intelligent choice.
I think Pixar is getting more specific and clever with their filmmaking as the films go on, which is really exciting.
P.s. I recently visited Sheridan and saw some nice caricatures pinned up at your desk.

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