Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Michel Gagne's "Prelude To Eden"

Wow three posts in a row!

You've got to see Michel Gagne's Prelude to Eden. Also embedded at left.


Hoggan 1:47 PM  

this is cool but your dreams may finally have come true. check it out.

Cookedart 2:25 PM  

Hey Hoggs

I tried one out in san diego and wasn't super impressed. $2300-2500 for a modified MacBook without a keyboard. I found the screen too low-res (I've seen 12" tablets with higher res), too slippery, and the slow shipping times not very attractive (new orders won't come in until the end of march). I would love it if it was a MacBook pro though...

Why can't apple just release this?

For that cost I would probably rather get a macbook and 12" cintiq.

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