Monday, February 25, 2008

Life (in the nude!)

First off, I'm sorry that almost all that I'm posting is life drawing. I still go regularly so it's the easiest thing for me to throw up on here. I really need to get more design and stuff from the film up, but that will come in time. I'm sorry too if the posting gets sporadic from here on in - the film's into its last few weeks of production so it will be a bumpy ride.

I don't really do that much nude life drawing anymore, and especially not short nude life drawing. My addiction has progressed into the pure crack that is costumed life drawing, so it's rare that I step back to nudes. I think there's probably something wrong with me.


Garçon 9:50 PM  

Don't be sorry for posting life drawing , you have great skills and style. It's inspiring, I wish I could get such result with my own life drawings :)

clifford chiu 6:40 AM  

that last one of debby is awesome, alan.

AndyG 12:38 PM  

best of luck with your film!

just make sure to post stuff after you're done! :)

guno park 9:18 PM  

hey alan, thanks for dropping by. Your life drawings are great man, no need to apologize for that.

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