Thursday, February 14, 2008


A healthy blend of design and life....

Also, found this drawing in my sketchbook from before.


mkpo 11:05 AM  

Wonderful ...

guno park 9:32 PM  


nothing to be ashamed of..
I don't do a good job of keeping
up to date anyways.
thanks for visiting..
I always see nice stuff here!
keep up the beautiful work!

Ken 1:02 AM  

dude i love these, especially the top two!

How do you colour them?


Cookedart 11:24 AM  

Thanks much guys,

Ken - I used col-erase, ink and watercolor.

chhuy-ing 5:38 PM  

Very nice pictures, I like the woman a lot! She's very elegant.

Yash 7:55 AM  

Really like the one from your sketchbook. I think its simply amazing! alan, I have a question, how do you knock out the background to perfect white in your drawings? whether they be scans or photographs. you could email me if you don't want to reply to it here..

Cookedart 2:47 PM  

Thanks everyone for the kind comments.

Chhuy-ing - I'm a big fan of your stuff! Thanks for stopping by.

Joe - I will make sure to check back more often nonetheless - I've made sure you're added to my google reader. Love your stuff!

Yash - It's a two-step process. First step of course is to use levels/curves to optimize it as much as possible without overexposing the actual color in the drawing. Usually it will require more than this to completely remove the paper texture, so the next step is to use the dodge tool (shortcut key "O" in photoshop), and set its range to hilights. I usually knock the opacity down really low (20%) and brush away any of the paper texture left behind. This allows finite control over the exposure levels of any part of the image, without lightening the midtones or shadows. You'll find on a pure black and white drawing that you can draw right on top of a black line with the dodge tool set to hilights and it will not affect the level of the black at all. There are other ways to do this but I find this the most efficient.

Hope this helps!

Yash 8:53 AM  

Thanks! The dodge method is really fast and easy!

Andrea Fernandez 11:08 PM  

These are beautiful.

Cameron Fielding 9:46 AM  

these are mind blowing.

Vinny Medellin 6:21 PM  

Beautiful! I love the way you play with shapes to create character. Everything feels so loose and alive, as if they're going to spring right off the paper. Wonderful use of technique as well. You're the man!

Miguel Rumanzew 1:27 PM  

I love your works! Congratulations.. Beautiful!

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