Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Big Story...

A lot of you probably saw The Big Story, a stop-mo animated short film featuring Kirk Douglas...

If not, here is the film:

What's even more interesting is this this "animatic" (looks more like a linetest to me) of the entire film, traditionally animated. I presume this was done for planning purposes.

Worth a watch!

Thanks much to Matt J for the heads-up.


Kyu-bum Lee 8:37 PM  

This is fantastic. Thank for sharing this and all the other previous posts.

Matt Jones 5:33 AM  

Yeah, Tim & Dave made this line-test first as a guide for the stop-motion. After the short was nominated for an Oscar, Disney were interested in pursuing a feature length version- full of caricatures of famous 'golden-age' Hollywood celebs-the Bette Davies, the 2 Hepburns, Errol Flynn, John Wayne,
Tim's designs were beautiful, he started out as a designer, model-maker for Brit puppet show 'Spitting Image' then got into animation with 'The Thoef & the Cobbler'. Disney dropped the caricature project once they realised the nightmare of getting all the relevant estates to settle contracts!

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