Friday, November 16, 2007

Some Pixar News...

The new Wall-E Poster, via [IGN].

Animated News has a post about the fact that Target in the States has a 2-disc Ratatouille DVD - one that features some pretty great content too, by the looks of it!

Check out their posts about this here and here.

Does anyone know if this DVD is available from a specific retailer in Canada (like it is in the states)? My biggest question, though, is why isn't this just the normal edition of the DVD?


dankhole 5:54 PM  

Thanks for the post about the special edition being sold at Target. I had no idea it even existed but now I know what I'm doing right after work tonight. I would be happy to pick a copy up for you and send it your way if you you'd like? Via Paypal and all that... just let me know.

Thanks for the tip!

Anna 11:10 PM  

I totally agree with you, why the hell there are two diffrent types of dvd. I knew it was really weird that it only came with one disk. I notice the previous Pixar movies have two disk while this one only one. I just hope there is some way we can get the two disk in Canada soon.

Cookedart 8:13 AM  

Dankhole - that would be great! Any way you can email me about this? I can't find your email anywhere!

S. Stephani Soejono 7:01 PM  

I totally agree with you, why the hell there are two different types of dvd.

Because they want to sell more of that new format, of DVD.

Well, there is the two disk edition for the HD or Blu Ray (I forgot which format gets the 2 disk). And that edition (HD or Blu Ray) gets drool-worthy special features like directors' commentary, making-of documentaries, more deleted scenes (not just 2), Michael Giacchino testing his two score for one scene, and a feature about our recently deceased alumni(well 2005) at Pixar, Dan Lee.

Whereas the Target 2 disk special, (after the initial reaction of me yelling, "ITS UNFAIR!") is pretty...anemic. There's two more deleted scenes, character profiles, and that "Incredibe but Edible" feature.

The Target version doesn't really seem worth your $$.

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