Thursday, November 08, 2007

Royal Winter Fair...

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is held once a year in Toronto on the Canadian National Exhibition grounds... farm animals are brought in and auctioned off, compared, showcased, etc. And of course, the animators all go in a sketch away (those who have the time, anyways).

Anyways, here's a sketch I did of a bovine auction. The auctioneer was hilariously fast-paced, and the guys watching out for bids were even crazier - they're so into it! One guy was so into his job that he started screaming "Yeah!" in hopes of getting everyone else excited (pictured right), and he fell off the stage. Good times.

I recommend for any of you artists who go by the fair to check out an auction. Just to see the guys fall off the stage.


Unknown 9:35 PM  

hehe...i'm sorry i missed the auction. would have loved to see him fall.

AndyG 4:42 AM  

yes, those auctions are intense! ive been to the one in st jacobs. wonderful stuff! the fair yesterday was amazing!

rose-a-petits-pois 9:20 AM  

Really cool stuff out there!!
It's the first time I come on your blog... and I will come back!!! :-)

Tapan Gandhi 6:07 PM  

thats too funny!

and awesome drawings, man

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