Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Art of Bee Movie

Hey guys,

Hopefully the powers that be won't mind me posting up this image as I hope it will make more people buy this book!

I just got a chance to finally look through The Art of Bee Movie by Jerry Beck. It's available for only 27 bucks on Amazon and is incredibly good. It's also available through the Labyrinth right now.

Not only is it good to see that Dreamworks has started releasing artbooks for their films (they haven't really released one like this since Prince of Egypt), but it also features the most Nicolas Marlet drawings that I've ever seen in print in one spine!

The book also features some great stuff from Carlos Grangel, Christophe Lautrette, Tony Siruno, Craig Kellman, the list goes on!


Pat Rock 1:56 PM  

how do you start with such loverly drawerings and then wind up with such a shitty looking movie?

Anonymous 8:44 PM  

Everytime I go to the Labyrinth or the book sale I feel as though Im being attached by a used car salesman leeching my money from me.

Anonymous 10:13 PM  

I know. He uses lines like "Compared to your 6000 dollar a year tuiton you can afford this!" no......thats exactly why I CANT afford it.

Cookedart 11:58 PM  

Come on guys... keep it clean....

Pat Rock 7:10 AM  

Sorry. That was a little strong.

I'm not a CGI hater, and I don't think that every animated feature should look like Pinochio or anything like that. I even like UPA's Unicorn in the Garden.

But the Bee movie is visually awful. Seinfeld's bee character is just blah city.

Even then that's all fine and good, a movie can be good and still be visually lacking.

But then you see this art book, and you see the jaw dropping development art, and the disconnect is so huge and obvious.

When you see that art you immediately ask yourself, why would anyone take the time to do this beautiful development work and then settle on a movie that looks like that?!

Thanks for posting about the art book though. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise, and now I want to go get it for its own sake. Forget about the movie.

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