Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm Sick!

I've caught a cold. Yessiree - for the second time this year too. Chalk it up to never going outside and a weakening immune system due to lack of exposure to natural light...

I just noticed as well that I'm over 150,000 hits (and 750 posts)! That's really swell guys (and gals) - thanks for coming back regularly and a special thanks for anyone who's linked me - linking makes the animation blogs go round - so if you've got a blog link up as many blogs as you can!


Lisa Tao 1:46 AM  

u should take vitamin c supplements, i think it helps prevent cold! also for better skin :)

clifford chiu 6:13 AM  

these are great, alan. i especially love the composition of the latter two.

Robin 11:56 AM  

that second one's awesome!

Agnes Fouquart 12:32 PM  

i really like all these characters, good technique!

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