Monday, August 13, 2007

Que WOW!

As it turns out, the Teletoon finalists are in.

There are four Sheridan films in the running for Continuing Education! Jeremy Canton's "Picture Day", Halya Mychaskiw's "Monster Backpack", Guillaume Chartier's "Monster Drawing", and James Higuchi's "Babushki".

Also up for Most Promising student.. 6 Sheridan films!

Trevor Jimenez's "Key Lime Pie", Nick Thornborrow's "A Foolish Bet", Johannes Uy's "Mr Elephant Goes to Work", Louis Norris' "Sandbox", Jessie Ilham's "Lemonaid Stand", and Brandon Scott's "Cruel Fauna."

Congrats to all of you!

[Update] You can see all of these films online as well - because there's a voter's choice section! Vote for your favorite!


Randolph Lizarda 9:27 PM  


James 7:02 AM  

It's not "james higuchi's" Babushki. It was done by The Line, I was but one part of a nine piece whole.

Cookedart 8:11 AM  

Yes James, I'm obviously aware - just playing with the politics of the competition....

Allie 4:35 PM  

Yeah Alan jeez... Scallywags' Monster Backpack, The Line's Babushki, and RedRum's Monster Drawing. Sadly the entry form only allowed for one name. Just as James is the member who promotes his group's film, Halya's the one who PR's ours. But everyone had an equal hand in it. Be kind and include a tribute to the group as a whole (even if you are trying to play with the politics of the competition). :P

James 10:30 AM  

You're just too lazy to actually type it instead of copy and pasting from the website.

Cookedart 11:09 AM  

That would make sense, James, if you -could- actually copy and paste the text from the teletoon website, but you can't.

I guess you guys would rather I say "These guys actually had 8 or 9 people work on it but they're making it look like one for this competition!"


h__z 11:44 AM  

actually, make that 8 sheridan students for most promising, haha.

imran awan and ed beek are from the computer animation program.

James 6:11 AM  

We're just messing with you Al.


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