Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Thank goodness for life drawing.. keeps me sane.

Nothing too exciting in this bunch, unfortunately....


Doron Meir 10:07 PM  

Nice! I especially liked the guy with his elbow on the table. Feels very natural.

BEN 12:18 AM  

fantatic sketches! love specially the "sitting woman" in the first drawing!!
compliments for the blog!

Heidi Smith 2:15 PM  

I love these sketches!!! The expression on the woman's face is awesome, I really like the second one especially!!

Unknown 6:51 PM  

Hey man!
I just was checking out the people who linked the Disney vids i had put up a while ago (rescuers tests etc.)
You've got a really nice blog going on here... a great mix of lifedrawings, character designs, and animation news.
I'll definitely link you on my blog.


Lettie Lo 1:50 AM  

the last one kicked ass. traditional definately offered a much sensitive touch.

Robin 2:05 PM  

Al, I ain't gonna lie, that boob one just makes me wince, it's so not... good, you can totally do better

The last page is pretty sweet though

But man, sorry dude, not feeling that one, or the one above it really...

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