Sunday, August 05, 2007


I've been doing some small-time sleuthing to find out a little bit more about Gobelins, the cool school of animation amongst us all.

For those not familiar with the amazing work from Gobelins, check out The Animation Gallery.

First of, for those interested, it is apparently possible for professionals and/or graduates of animation programs to apply directly for the third year of animation at Gobelins (Check out this Google Cached page) after applying with a specific portfolio.

This page also gives a little bit more info about the school, claiming that "early 90% of the teaching is done by working professionals taking time out from their busy schedules in the studios and production companies."

Also notable, it says that "the third year program is devoted to classes and exercises to perfect 3D character animation skills (September through November) and to the making of a short film in teams (December through June)." Interestingly, the course seems to be set up in workshops, where they have sequential 3 to 30 day workshops working on one specific task.

For those interested, Gobelins also runs an international summer school, for two weeks in length, in July. Read more about it on this Google cached page.

Lastly I dug up this old Variety article featuring Gobelins.


Viola Baier 4:30 PM  

Yeah, I think Gobelins is really worth it. I'd for myself really like to make an exchange year there. :)

James 6:26 AM  

I've been saying that we should do that workshop style thing at Sheridan for years now.

You know how much it costs?

Cookedart 8:59 AM  

Supposed to be 6000... not sure if that's in US or Euros or Francs or whatever crazy currency...

I think likely Euros though.

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