Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Beegee


Fabi├ín Fucci 4:39 AM  


Brandon James Scott 7:31 AM  

wow man looks great!

so i guess the jibjab summer is coming to an close soon, how'd it go?

clifford chiu 8:11 AM  

very nice, reminds me of cruel fauna though! :P

Cookedart 11:38 PM  

Thanks Fabian :)

Brandon - It went great! Have you checked out "Starring You!"? I worked on all of those - plus a bunch more stuff that's coming down the line real soon. We got the book in that you and Ian worked on (If evan didn't already tell you) - It looks great man!

Cliff - Ya, kinda been doing the JibJab thing lately... *shrugs*

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