Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ratatouille Concept Art

Swing by CanMag for a bunch of concept art like above. Check it out here - a good preview of the artbook (which I highly recommend checking out as well).


Heidi Smith 2:58 AM  

What artist did these?? The colors are amazing!!

Cookedart 8:43 AM  

I believe the artist is Dominique Louis, the same guy who did those great pastels you can see in the Monster's Inc artbook.

Hoggan 9:20 AM  

Hey speaking of said Monster's Inc Art...where is it you bum. haha. I NEEEEED IT!!!

Cookedart 9:34 AM  

Haha, it's at the apartment, biyatch.

You should've gotten it back before you left!

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