Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another Ratatouille Trailer

It's in Japanese, but features a lot of new footage. Don't watch if you don't want anything spoiled!


Riè 12:51 PM  

Interesting... their version of the title is literally "Remi's Good-Tasting Restaurant". ;)

Anonymous 10:26 AM  

Interesting that there appears to be a little bit of 2D animation of the chef, Auguste Gusteau,in the book , when he's talking to Rémy.

Whether or not this was done with "traditional hand-drawn" animation or some sort of toonshading in a CG program remains to be seen. The little bit I could see in the trailer looked nice.

It would be sort of cool if it turns out that those scenes in the book were done as traditional, hand-drawn animation (even if it was "traditionally hand-drawn" on a Cintiq !) . Goodness knows Pixar has many traditional animation artists in their ranks who could do those scenes .

Cookedart 4:09 PM  

Hey Dave,

It looks like to me that all the traditional hand drawn animation stuff from the art of book mainly was for thumbnails and figuring out poses. It seems that Brad Bird really pushes the 2D style of filmmaking even in 3D, and I think that really comes through in the final animation with clear poses, strong action lines, etc. I guess the preparation is the same no matter what medium you're doing the final animation in! Drawing I guess is still the most direct way to visualize a scene!

Anonymous 5:30 PM  

Oh, definitely, Alan. Brad has brought a hand-drawn sensibility to these movies along with his key animators like Tony Fucile. There are some other fantastic traditionally trained animators there like Jean-Claude Tran and Bolhem Bouchiba, Dan Jeup, Sarah and Jay Boose, Ian White , Don Crum, just to name a few...

The "Art-Of" book looks fantastic. Another must have .

However, I was interested in those little clips in the Japanese trailer that showed a "2D" Auguste Gusteau talking to CG Rémy . I hope there's a lot more of that stuff in the movie than is shown in the trailer.

Cookedart 11:26 PM  


Sorry Dave, I didn't catch exactly what it was you were talking about, haha!

If I had to bet the method for the Gusteau in the book, I would guess it was 3d with a toon shader. The inbetweens feel incredibly smooth and the line quality smells a little of a toon shaded line to me. I could be completely wrong though!

I guess it would be pretty easy for them to apply a toon shader to the actual Gusteau model to have something like this happen.

Anonymous 8:39 AM  

"If I had to bet the method for the Gusteau in the book, I would guess it was 3d with a toon shade."

You know, I bet you're right about that , Alan.

As much as I'd like to think maybe they put a little bit of traditional animation in there , now that I think about it it's probably toon-shaded CG which would be easier to integrate with the other CG elements in the scene. It's still a nice touch.

I read a comment from someone on another forum that it reminded them of Maurice Sendak's "In the Night Kitchen" drawings and I agree. It looks like a little homage to Sendak.

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