Saturday, May 05, 2007

Is there anyone else here that's intrigued by this film?

Julie Taymor's latest, "Across the Universe."

First saw it in front of Spiderman 3. Gotta say the trailer for this film was better than Spiderman 3 in its entirety. Julie Taymor directed "Titus" and "Frida" - films that definitely look in the same vein as Across the Universe. Just something about this that seems more interesting...

I could be wrong though, and it could be completely forgettable.

Make sure to check out the Quicktime version to get a better look.


Benjamin De Schrijver 9:54 AM  

Yes! I've never seen anything written about this film anywhere, yet the first time I saw the trailer I was exhilirated. I can't wait till it's release.

ALane 2:00 PM  

hello. a friend told me about your site and i love ur artwork. I just saw this posted and the movie looks awsome. I find that the guy in the beginning sounds a lot like Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge, anyway later

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