Friday, May 11, 2007

Cool Claymation...


Seo Kim 10:19 PM  

oh my god that is awesome!!

Anonymous 7:39 AM  

Hey Alan,

That's fantastic work! One of the best stop motion films that I've seen in years. It's a little hard to read the white characters against the cake in far shots, but no matter. Great concept!

Mark Mayerson 12:26 PM  

Alan, do you have any idea who did this film or if it is part of a larger work?

Cookedart 12:59 PM  

Glad you guys all like it!

Mark - The details are all in french, so hopefully my grasp of that language is still intact.

As I understand, it is the first of two entries in "The Imaginary Opera" - or "L'Opéra imaginaire" in French.

I believe a reference to this DVD can be found here. But apparently can't be found online anymore.

(The entire title seems to be "The Imaginary Opera - Opera like you've never seen!, or "L'opéra imaginaire -L'Opéra comme vous ne l'avez jamais vu !")

Seems directed by Gionne Leroy, and was made in 1995.

Here's a direct translation of the video details:

"Hello and Good evening,

Traviata - Bohemian Choruses

First of two extracts of "The Imaginary Opera"

Interpreted by Coro dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia of Rome
Carried out by, for this extract, Gionne Leroy, director-animator, at Cambre.Bxl

Fantasia was created by Walt Disney as a dedication to Classical Music - here's another successful way of presenting Opera....

It is splendid, full with poetry and represents a considerable amount of work to arrive at such a result.

I hope that you will appreciate it!!!

Extract of DvD
The Imaginary Opera (the Opera as you've never seen it)

Year of film: 1995
Date of Release: 03/04/2001

For those of you wishing to purchase the DVD, it is unfortunately absent from most trading sites. There is one reference
on Alapage, however:

Here is the original text in case I butchered the translation:

"Bonjour ou Bonsoir ,

Traviata - Choeurs des Bohémiens"

Premier de deux extraits de "L'Opéra imaginaire"

Interprété par Le Coro dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia de Rome
Réalisé par , pour cet extrait , Gionne Leroy,réalisatrice-animatrice,sortie de l'école de la Cambre.Bxl

Walt Disney avait "commis" Fantasia dédié à la Musique Classique , voici une autre façon de présenter l'Opéra , réussie .......

C'est magnifique , plein de poésie et représente un travail considérable pour arriver à un tel résultat .

J'espère que vous apprécierez !!!

Extrait du DvD
"L"opéra imaginaire (l'Opéra comme vous ne l'avez jamais vu)

Année du film : 1995
Date de sortie : 03/04/2001

Pour celles et ceux qui seraient tentés par son achat , il est malheureusement épuisé ou absent chez les sites marchands .
Sur Alapage ........épuisé mais ses références

I believe the interpreted refers to the music, and the school it was completed at was "Cambre.Bxl" - Which I think refers to "Ecole De La Cambre" in Brussels.

Site available here.

Whether or not this means that this person extracted from the DVD only two movies and there are more on the DVD is anyone's guess, especially because of the lack of details about the DVD itself.

I've found a few more of the shorts on the DVD however. I'll update this post with them shortly.

Hope this answers your question Mark!

Cookedart 1:04 PM  

I don't find the other two shorts quite as inspiring, but in case you wanted to see, here they are:

Duo Des Fleurs.

Mozart Extrait.

I don't think the name is correct on the second - which is called "Mozart extract"

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