Friday, May 25, 2007

The Drawing Club...

Made it out today for Bob Kato's Drawing Club.

Here are the sketches.

Also check out the Drawing Club Blog to see how the others did.


Halya 1:01 PM  

PIRATES! That's hot. I didn't think the movie was super amazing, but it still ruled. I hope your internship is going well too Alan! Looks like a nice place from the pics. Take care buddy!

ps. YOUR mom!

Anonymous 6:19 PM  

These are pretty good, but there should be at least some variety in line weight. They would be much stronger if you had the parts infront really come forward from the rest.

Nabs Mirza 11:56 PM  

this looks really good man.

Unknown 7:25 AM  

These are sweeeet! Nice job Al

Cookedart 4:46 PM  

Halya - Your mom's hot. And yep, it's going well. And yep, the movie wasn't so great.

Anonymous - I totally agree - I'll try to keep this in mind and figure out a way to get some more variety.

Nabeel and Bobby - Thanks much, both of you!

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