Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm living right in the middle of this.

I think I'm gonna have a good summer.


Jarrett 4:53 PM  

Yo Alan. What're you doing down there??

Ah person 7:46 PM  

looks great man! im sure you are likely to have a great time!

all the best!

Anonymous 8:00 PM  

Yeah, do tell, Alan. Where are you interning ?

Mark 10:00 PM  

haha thats a sick set up.. u better come back with some wicked layouts of the place

Andre Barnwell 5:19 AM  

Glad youre getting settled in Alan. Enjoy yourself and work hard. cant wait to see what you produce.

And HOws the air out there?

Anonymous 5:30 PM  

Ok, to my eye the mist in the background makes it look more "Northern California" than "Southern California" ... so is Alan at Pixar or PDI/DW or EA ... or where ?

Of course, So. Calif. can get very hazey/misty so maybe he's in So. Calif. ?

Alan ?

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